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Current Wallpaper by dragpanther
Current Wallpaper
Originally from Assembly Summer 2015 Graphics contest, by Darkki/Tekotuotanto, (done in 3dsmax/Photoshop), the image that won first place.

Merely used as a wallpaper, cause I think it looks amazing. Can be seen in Assembly Archives for Graphics 2015.
  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Castle Perilous and Wizard's rules.
  • Watching: Robin Hood(BBC09), Randomness
  • Playing: CO, Wizard101(UK), DragonSaga.
  • Eating: aspic/Holodec
  • Drinking: Tea. (0,5L cup, 3 Spoons of sugar+Lemon)
Herp Derp. Updates...

Art Updates:

Being an idea generator, it's really hard for me to stick with one thing to actually finish it. So I have tons of sketches and unfinished work, that even with my best wishes would most likely not be able to share at their best quality. It's been 4 years since I've had this laptop and I still don't have a printer. Or scanner...or even a tablet :/ Closest to looking like anything is prolly my Hidan crayons one. Meh

Gaming Updates:

got into a new game that caters to my artistic needs...sorta. Champions Online

Total Customization: Choose from thousands of different costume pieces, colors and body types to create your character's one-of-a-kind costume and look. There are billions of possible combinations, and in a universe brimming with the fantastic and the unforgettable, you can still be completely unique!

Says the official site. I Lol'd at that last word for a good few minutes. Unique. Oh, yes indeed, you CAN be unique. Sadly all I have seen around me are countless copies of just about every character that's ever existed. Oh well, on the plus side, at least, they are really GOOD copies >.>;
I did actually create my own unique character. If it is like some known superhero or villain then I may just not have heard of it, but I do wish I had my character's outfit IRL. MY computer's net is iffy at best so I am currently unable to run more demanding games where your reaction truly matters. CO is somewhat of a CPU Hog, but I'm able to play it with relatively small lag.

DCUO sounds like it would be a lot of fun, however I'm afraid I'd have to get a PS3 instead because there's just NO WAY my laptop would be able to handle it in Any way and finding a good gamer computer for a small price is tricky around where I live.  Everything has become so expensive (Estonia Switched to Euro)!
I DO however enjoy watching "The Quest for Culture and Good Manners, brought by Fire....Er DarkBiscuit...Er DarkHalibut" Bring lots of tea. The guy is truly awesome. And funny, tho he says he's not
  Check him out on…

What else? Ah yes, Superpowers isn't the only one of my interests. I am playing Wizard 101(UK) as well although atm I only have Wizard City (All streets+Sunken) unlocked and the first Kroko part. As much as I wish they let you have your own unique names, I currently am known as Keira Dragonstalker. I tend to see quite a few Luke Skywalkers and numerous versions of Nightshades running around as well. Seems to have same issue as with most games nowadays.

"Unique and Original-Exists only in your mind, as soon as you share it, it's already a cloned copy."

I still own Dragon Saga(formal Dragonica) where I am a lvl 50 Rogue(HarleQuin). I don't like the new feature that transfers guild leadership/disbands guild if you're absent for more than month. /Sadface

Do I still WoW? Not likely. I'm tempted to reinstall the game to make it work properly and once I acquire a good stable net, perhaps arrange to play some Cataclysm. I guess it's the fact that the game's kinda old and I only liked the BC contend, LK was mad boring and herdurr fail. I'm hoping to try out a troll druid tho.

Other/Random updates:

I have a new obsession. Richard Armitage...or more specifically Guy of Gisborne(spellchecker offers Osborne, Shipborne, Airborne or Seaborne, proof right there, "You're not famous until Word*Spellchecker* no longer tries to correct your name" ) How I wish had him in my Sims 2. Such an awesome character. Tall, Dark and Oh so Handsome. And when I say dark, I don't mean his hair..altho it is dark too >.>; Of course I have other obsessions too, but they're more...private.

Guess that's it for the start of this year. Have fun you all.
Random last note: Exodar Disco. You know you wanna watch it, and other vids by the person too.


Deviously Purrfect
Current Residence: My Own Little World
Favourite genre of music: rock/hardstyle/metal/techno, psy-trance, older stuff
Favourite photographer: one that doesn't make you look ugly
Favourite style of art: unique and/or
Operating System: Fast, but retarded
MP3 player of choice: Nexx, Philips, my phone O_o
Shell of choice: Shellcycle TMNT ROX!
Wallpaper of choice:High Octane Rampage
Skin of choice:
Favourite cartoon character: Donatello(TMNT), Rock Lee,Hidan(Naruto) or Bagheera(jungle book), BATMAN
Personal Quote: No monster more cruel than man, real monsters are nicer. True monsters hide behind beauty.

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